RIC | Vision & Mission
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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission of the Trust

  • To engage in meaningful and relevant community service activities with government, industries, and civil societies.
  • To educate and nurture technically competent men and women for careers of leadership and innovation in science and technology and other related fields.
  • To establish a leading research institution in Bihar for enhancing the base of Engineering and Technology, Medical Science and Pharmacy knowledge and by developing Technology and materials that will help improve the quality of human life and environment.


  • To establish, operate, promote, run maintain and manage institution in the field of Engineering and Technology, Medical science, Management, Rural development, women development, environment management and conservation.
  • To establish develop a world class deemed university for advance Engineering and technology, Medical science and environmental studies.
  • To undertake scientific research in the field of Engineering and Technology, Health, Public health, environmental management and non- conventional energy.
  • To conduct training program in the field of Engineering and technology, health and Public health, environmental management and non conventional energy, women right and employment, also publish informative materials on above subjects.
  • To provide research facilities for carrying out basic and applied research in concerned system and disciplines such as Engineering Technology, Health Management and public health, Medical Science including Family planning & HIV-AIDS, Environmental preservation & conservation and Non-Conventional energy.
  • To conduct workshop, conference, short courses, lectures, seminars, demonstrations and exhibition on Engineering and technology, Health & public Health, Population Health-Environment linkages, Environmental management & conservation, non-conventional energy, HIV-AIDS, Women right and women empowerment.
  • To establish maintain old age home & home for orphans.