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About Us

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Reform International Consortium Trust (RIC) is social, Educational, Health, Women Empowerment, Rural development, Environmental protection and Research driven organization and registered as Charitable Trust in year 2007. We are committed to the sustainable development of our Nation.

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Our Belief :

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  1. Rural development is the process of sustainable growth of rural economy and improvement of wellbeing of the rural population.
  2. Sustainable rural development of a nation is very vital to the economic, social and Environmental viability of a nation.
  3. Investment in rural infrastructure, rural education, rural health and rural women empowerment are critical to sustainable development of a nation.
  4. Empowering women is a means to achieve the goals of sustainable development of nation.

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Our Perception :

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  1. Educated, technically qualified people of different field and stream and skilled workers of organized and unorganized sectors are to be treated as Human capital of the nation.
  2. Any investment made towards the creation and developments of human capital are to be termed as investment in human capital.
  3. Any country which is unable to develop the skills and knowledge of its rural people (80% of the country) and to utilize them effectively in the national economy will be unable to develop anything else.